Hot Air Balloon for driving client workshops

Clients are continuously thriving to enhance their current platforms, services and way of utilizing the digital applications, in such scenarios it is of utmost importance to understand what users like or do not like about existing application setup. That's where "Hot Air Balloon" game can help effectively.

Docker Container Namespaces

Namespaces are the important building block of Containers which isolates the applications from each other within single or multiple container' scope. When multiple processes are being run on multiple containers then such isolation is a necessity from security and stability standpoints. There are various namespaces available such as IPC, MNT, NET, PID, USER and UTS.

Downloading js libraries through Composer repositories

Composer is proven dependency management tool in PHP. Just mention application's  all specifications and dependencies in composer.json and run "composer install".  Composer locates, validates, downloads and loads the specified packages and ensures that exactly the right versions for each package is used.

Drupal announced fixes for 4 security vulnerabilities

Drupal's security advisory has announced the patches to fix 2 moderate and 2 less critical vulnerabilities in Drupal 7x and 8x versions. One of the moderately critical vulnerability patch is related to DoS loop holes. Its highly recommended to update your Drupal site to respective 7.52 and 8.2.3. Notably Drupal 8.2.3 includes only security patches.

How new MacBook Pro's innovative Touch Bar would help developers?

There was an amazing amount of expectations and curiosity about it and at last today Apple launched all new MacBook Pro 2016 models with widely speculated innovative feature of Touch Bar. It's simply the best ever example of an best integration between system and hardware.

Insights - Acquia Certified Drupal 8 Site Builder

I completed "Acquia Certified Drupal 8 Site Builder" exam with overall score of 76%. Certification focuses mainly on 8 sections covering various aspects of Drupal 8 site building. Certification had 50 question to be answered in 75 Minutes and 68% as a passing mark.

Insights - Acquia Certification for Drupal 8 Foundations

I cleared Acquia Certification for Drupal 8 Foundations with overall score of 75%, not a great score though. Certification focuses mainly on 3 section - Site Building, Frond end Development and Back-end Development. Certification had 40 question to be answered in 1 hours and 65% as a passing mark.

Security threats for web applications

CSRF, DoS, SQL injection and XSS are few of the most common security threats for any web application. Looking at the expand-ability of web preventing such attacks is always on priority. Apart from DoS rest threats can well be prevented at application level. Prevention of DoS is often difficult, expensive and needs 3rd party tools.

3rd Party PHP Libraries used AS-IS in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 has adapted various 3rd party PHP libraries which are used AS-IS for implementation and most importantly are a part its CORE. Assetic for asset management, Composer for dependency management, Doctrine for Annotation and ORM, EasyRDF for Resource Descriotion Format markups, Guzzle for REST service call and HTTP Client, PHPUnit for unit testing and PSR-3 for Universal logging.

Run Ubuntu Bash on Windows 10 Anniversary Redstone Build 14316

Run Ubuntu Bash on Windows 10 Anniversary Redstone Build 14316 - update Due in July 20016. Ubuntu apps can be used in Windows 10. We can run Linux bash scripts, useful commands such as grep, awk, sed, regex and symbolic links on Widows 10 file system.

Apple Macbook Pro 2016 - expected to be launched during WWDC June 2016

Apple rumored to be launching new MacBook Pro 2016 during Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2016. One can expect Skylake Processor, 1TB SDD storage, 32 GB RAM, 4K detachable Touch Screen and Slimmer Body.