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Security and SSL

SSL Certificate

  • SSL certificate is a data that binds a Cryptographic Key to Website's owners typically an individual or an organization.
  • Once SSL certificate is installed on deployment environment or server, it activates the HTTPS protocol and more importantly a Pedlock. 
  • This further allows a secured connection between your website and the Browser.
  • Once enabled your website address should start with HTTPS instead HTTP.

Types of SSL Certificates

  • Wildcard SSL (Wildcard Plus):

    • Secure all servers and sub-domains on a given domain name with a single certificate.
  • Single Certificate (SSL Plus):

    • It can be used to secure a single server with a single domain name.
  • Multi-Domain Certificate (MD SAN):

    • It can be used to secure up to 25 server names with a single certificate.
  • Extended Validation Certificate (EV Plus):

    • It can be used to activate the green bar in newer browsers. Name of organisation can be displayed in this green bar.
  • DigiCert Extended Validation Multi-Domain Certificate (EV MD):

    • It can be used to secure up to 25 domain names with EV security – with a single certificate.
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