Utilizing TOGAF for streamlining home construction work

Though TOGAF is being widely used in IT but its very generalized Enterprise Architecture framework and can be used for any industry. Currently my home construction is going on so I am trying to utilize TOGAF for streamlining certain activities (process oriented) for construction work.

I will be contributing to this blog post continuously for next 4-5 months as and when construction work progresses and so the utilization of TOGAF. Challenges faced during this process will certainly help me to understand TOGAF in better sense. 

To start with I have made some very initial level progress:

1. Maintaining central repository of architectural diagrams for all the stakeholders. 

As a baby steps I have stored all the architectural diagrams on my google drive. I have also made these diagrams available to the Contractor and actual workers in hard-copy formats.

1.1. Architectural Diagrams

  1. Center Line Drawings
  2. Working Drawings
  3. RCC structure specifications 

1.2. Stakeholders

  1. My family members
  2. Architect
  3. RCC Designer
  4. Contractor
  5. Actual workers
  6. There are few unnecessary stakeholders too visiting the construction site often with lot of suggestions :(

1.3. Challenges faced so far

  1. All the stakeholder (including me) have conflicts of understanding for certain terms often used in construction work. There is no mutual consent on the sequence of certain work related activities.
  2. It's quite difficult get few of the stakeholder to refer the most updated document repository. Somehow they don't tend to do so :(.
  3. Still there are certain minimal changes being made in the architectural diagrams. Contractors and actual workers are stuck up till the time I give them the hard copies of the diagrams.

I will be updating this blog post on daily basis with new inclusions and also planning to make available certain more things from TOGAF ADM implementation perspective.